Good Photography is Vital in Effective Legal Marketing with Michael N Meyer

Good photography echoes and amplifies your marketing messages while effectively boosting engagement with written content. In this episode, I encourage attorneys (and marketers working with attorneys) to expand their concept of how they can and should use photographs or other visual content in their marketing. It is no longer enough to have a mediocre attorney portrait; nor is it enough to have only one’s attorney portrait. At the very least that portrait should be built around the firm brand; ideally it will be built around the firm brand, support its marketing strategies and exist within a library of like images that can be repurposed across the full range of communications that an individual attorney or larger firm is making use of.

Additional Show Notes and Images

ed in the episode:

Attorney Portrait on Gray Seamless

Attorney Publicity Portrait on White Seamless

Environmental Portrait 1

Environmental Portrait 2

Corporate Lifestyle Image 1

Corporate Lifestyle Image 2

The North Korea propaganda image can be viewed at the NY Times in this article.

Recorded May 5, 2017 at the Picture More Buesiness Studio.

This episode is an adaptation of a presentation I made to the New York County Lawyers Association as part of a panel discussing Digital Marketing for Attorneys. The panel was organized by Alex Acker of Adventure House and attorney Chris Seleski of Tolmage Peskin. I spoke on the topic of photography specifically and visual communication more broadly as a component of any digital marketing strategy. Visual communication is not only central in the digital realm but vital.


  1. It’s interesting that photography is so important when it comes to advertising a lawyer. It makes sense that they would want to look as good as possible! People wouldn’t want to hire a lawyer who comes off as creepy due to poor lighting or positioning.

  2. MichaelNMeyer

    Braden, not only do they want to look as good as possible but more importantly they need to look distinct from their competition and true to themselves. Images communicate instantly a huge chunk of information about who an attorney is and what they offer to a client. A firm’s photography ought to be seen as an opportunity to convey their brand and key differentiators viscerally.

    As an aside: your e-mail doesn’t match the link to Hector’s website but I’ve approved your comment anyway as it doesn’t seem to be spam.

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