How To

A frequent question that I receive in regards to this podcast is what lessons I can share for others starting a podcast. There’s a ton of information on the internet about how to podcast, however there’s also a ton of less than helpful content on the topic that is threadbare, self-promotional or overly complicates the process.

These are the resources that I found most helpful in my research:’s series on podcasting is a great starting point on the tech and logistical side of things:
Books on the strategic and logistical aspects of production, as well as technical:
Make Radio – from This American Life (graphic novel format)
*Links are to Amazon, but are not affiliated links; I have no relation to Amazon.
There is a active podcasting sub-Reddit (beware those Redditors who overly complicate or those who are overly self-promotional)
Citizen Racecar ( &, based in NYC)
Lower Street (, based in London)
Microfame Media (Microfame Media, based in Beacon, NY )
Gimlet Creative
Transmitter Media
Still curious about what I use? A very basic outline of my process and tools:
Pre-Production: background research to produce an outline for interview
Recording: Audix i5 dynamic mic per speaker fed into a Sound Devices MixPre-3 when on location; if recording remotely then same set-up with MP3 as computer audio interface and using Clean Feed for recording interview; goal is to record 30 to 45 minutes of dialogue that can be edited back to 20 to 30 minutes of finished podcast
Editing: Hindenburg (editing) and Auphonic (online, automatic leveling)
Hosting: Soundcloud
Website Post: WordPress post with guest portrait, embedded player, topic summary; no transcript
Promotion: LinkedIn and direct promotion