Discussing Video Strategies for Law Firms with Robert Weiss of MultiVision Digital


Robert Weiss of MultiVision Digital discusses the ways in which video can support or even drive a firm’s marketing. Our conversation in this episode covers the strategy, distribution and content aspects of creating and using video well. Robert suggests ways that firms can maximize the impact of their videos and do so within a budget. The key takeaways are that now is the time to start using video and that firms should be developing a video strategy and broadcasting content regularly.

Recorded September 6, 2016 @ the MultiVision Digital studio.

Links to the resources discussed in this episode:

What Makes Up the Cost of a Video

The Video First Strategy

How to Leverage a Budget

Jan Roos of Expert Engines Discusses Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing for Law Firms

Jan Roos of Expert Engines speaking with the Legal Marketing Studio, April 2016.

Jan Roos of Expert Engines speaking about the ins and outs of pay per click and search engine marketing. Jan shares tons of tips for maximizing PPC for law firms.

Jan has also shared several PDFs with additional insight for LMS listeners on the Expert Engines site here. Thanks for these, Jan!

Recorded April 21, 2016 @ the Picture More Business studio.