Discussing Video Strategies for Law Firms with Robert Weiss of MultiVision Digital

Robert Weiss of MultiVision Digital discusses the ways in which video can support or even drive a firm’s marketing. Our conversation in this episode covers the strategy, distribution and content aspects of creating and using video well. Robert suggests ways that firms can maximize the impact of their videos and do so within a budget. … [Read more…]

Valeria Paik of TAG Online Talks About Web Hosting Considerations for Law Firms

Valeria Paik, the VP of Business Development at TAG Online, joins me on this episode of the Legal Marketing Studio to go over the ins and outs of website hosting for law firms. We discuss the importance of reliable, fast and secure web hosting in this age of interconnectedness where one’s website is the hub … [Read more…]

Check out the archives while we’re away on vacation!

Picture More Business is taking a couple of weeks off to recharge and renew, so the Legal Marketing Studio is following suit. Keep an eye on our Instagram account, @picturemorebusiness.com, to see what we’re up to while away. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to check out our archives. There have been some … [Read more…]

Janet Falk Discusses Using PR as a Proactive Strategic Legal Tool

PR professional Janet Falk, principal of Falk Communications and Research, discusses how law firms can use PR proactively to instigate key influencers to undertake actions that lead to positive outcomes for their clients. We discuss the multiplicity of “publics” that public relations can reach, the increasingly fragmented nature of these “publics” in the digital age, … [Read more…]