Building a Personal Brand with Jasmine Sandler

A strong personal brand can help an attorney or executive to develop new business for his or her firm or company. Jasmine Sandler, keynote speaker, trainer, author and consultant in digital marketing and social selling for global organizations, joins me on the latest podcast to discuss her process for helping attorneys, executives and entrepreneurs build, grow and protect this kind of personal brand. Our conversation touches on the kinds of goals and initiatives served by building these kinds of personal brands, the interaction between this personal branding and firm branding, and the buy-in and commitment required to succeed.

Download Jasmine’s Personal Branding Checklist from her website (will open as a PDF).

Recorded June 15, 2017 at the offices of Jasmine Sandler.

Simplifying Content for Effective UX with Alex Acker and Nathan Crandall

As a kind of bonus to last month’s web design series, Alex Acker and Nathan Crandall of Adventure House join me to discuss the importance of simplifying content in order to effectively engage a firm’s website users. The challenge of focusing the wide range of content available on most law firms’ websites is one that has come up often in my conversations with legal marketers. Alex and Nathan discuss in detail their approach to content from a user experience (UX) perspective. The bottom line is that a considered approach to a site’s UX can lead to increased engagement and, ultimately, new business.

Recorded February 3, 2017 @ the offices of Adventure House in New York City.

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Websites for Renegades; a conversation with David Schiffer

In the third episode of the Legal Marketing Studio’s four part mini-series on web design for law firms, David Schiffer of DLS Design describes his process for working with attorneys breaking away from large firms to form their own boutique firms. While we touch on his work with larger firms also, the conversation is focused on the unique needs of smaller firms in their launch phase.

As David mentions in the podcast, we’ve worked together. The most recent collaboration was for Smith Villazor, a boutique firm focused on white collar investigations and trials, regulatory enforcement matters, and high-stakes civil cases. David brought me in to shoot the attorney photographs; the cityscapes are stock images that David’s team customized with a unique color treatment. This site nicely illustrates much of our conversation.

Recorded January 5, 2017 @ the offices of DLS Design in New York City.

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The Case for Beautiful Design in Law Firm Websites; a conversation with Janet Odgis

This conversation with Janet Odgis is the first of a four part mini-series on web design for law firms. Janet and I discuss the business case for beautiful design and the design process at her agency Odgis + Co. Janet’s cross industry experience gives her an expansive perspective on how to effectively communicate a firm’s story through its website. She sees a websites functionality inextricably linked to its form: good design leads to effective functionality.

Recorded January 10, 2017 @ the offices of Odgis + Co. in New York City.

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